Function: To rotate FFB Cages and discharge FFBs into Hopper then to SFB Conveyor.
Brief Description: Tipper consists of Drum, Cage Rail rotated by Hydraulic Motor Coupled to Gearbox, Chain around the Tipper. Rotation of the Tipper Drum is 180 degrees x Bi-directions. Control of Rotation is by Push Button located on Operating Cabin near the Tipper.

Tipper Speed 1.5 - 2 rpm
Construction Consist of Frame, Rail Support Beam, Rail & Tipper Chute
Drive System Hydraulic Powerpack Drives A Hydraulic Motor. The Output Shaft is fitted with Duplex Sprocket which in Turn Drives the Tipper through Transmission Chain.
Hydraulic System Consist of Hydraulic Pump, Oil Tank, Hydraulic Motor, Tubing, Level Control, Relief Valve, Pressure Gauges, Pump Strainer, Check Valve & etc.
Electric Motor 11kW / 4 Pole TEFC Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

*Remarks: We also fabricate Cage Tipper with capability to handle 5 to 16 Tonnes Cages.

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