MSB Continuous Twin Screw Presses were developed and manufactured through the combination of fabrication and foundry facilities, technical expertise and years of experience. Our presses ensure efficient palm oil extraction and proved for easy maintenance and have been proven successfull in the palm oil milling industry.
Advantages of using MSB Screw Presses:
1. Efficient design leading to low oil loss, low nut breakage and steady throughput.
2. Efficient Operation - Good and reliable design allowing easy operation.
3. Easy Maintenance - good design and standardisation of parts ensuring low maintenance requirement.
4. Longer Equipment Life Span - Adheres to stringent quality control and quality of materials to ensure the production of a quality product.
5. Easy availability of spare parts from own foundry.

Model MSB P9/P10/P12 MSB P15 MSB P20
Type Twin Worm Screw
Capacity 10 - 12 tons FFB/hr 15 - 17 tons FFB/hr 20 - 22 tons FFB/hr
Dimension 3,500mm x 1,500mm x 790mm 3,900mm x 1,600mm x 790mm 5,400mm x 1,750mm x 1,103mm
Weight Appox. 4.7 MT Appox. 5 MT Appox. 7 MT
Electric Motor 22kW (30HP) electric motor 30kW (40HP) electric motor 45kW (60HP) electric motor
Gearbox SEW or equivalent
Cone Control Vickers (ACC or APR), Bosch Rexroth or Parker
Painting 2 coats of Red undercoat and 1 coat of MSB green finish

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