Advantages of using MSB Single/Double Deck Crusher Rollers:
1. Improvement in kernel recovery rate from 0.2% - 1 %.
2. Savings in labour for removing hard or unstripped bunches.
3. Efficient operation and easy maintenance.
4. Fully automatic segregation of hard or unstripped bunches.
5. Highly wear resistant rollers contribute to longer equipment life span.


Model MSB Single Deck Crusher Roller MSB Double Deck Crusher Roller
Capacity Up to 60 Tons FFB / hr
Gearbox Renold or equivalent
Rollers Cast Steel 3% Cr. Mo.
No. of Rollers 2 Rollers 4 Rollers
Spur Gear Assab 7210 Machined & Hardened
Bearings 4 units NSK or equivalent Pillow Blocks 8 units NSK or equivalent Pillow Blocks
Flywheel Carbon Steel Wheel

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