Featured MSB Clutch Doors include:
1. Post Weld Heat Treatment on locking ring, dish head flange & shell flange.
2. Radiography test on lock ring butt weld joint carried out.
3. High precision machining.
4. Inspected, hydrostatic tested and approved by DOSH Malaysia.

Model MSB 2100OD MSB 2700OD MSB 3200OD & custom make design
Material A516 Grade 70 BS4360-43A JIS3101 SS400
Max Working Pressure 50 psi
Max Operating Temperature 150ºC
Dish Head 15mm thick
Dish Liner 4.5mm thick Stainless Steel / Mild Steel Full Liner
Locking Device Rotating Ring Type
Locking Ring A516 Grade 70 Boiler plate
Locking Face & Groove Insert 304 Stainless Steel
Rubber Seal Oil & Heat Resistant Self-Energized Type
Safety Features One unit of steam release stainless steel ball valve and locking lever

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