Function: To transfer FFB Cages from steriliser rail tracks to Cage Tipper rail track.
Brief Description: Consists of mainframe resting on 4 wheels that travel along the pits on rail track. The drive wheels are driven by hydraulic motors which receive hydraulic oil from hydraulic powerpack. The cages are moved in and out of the car by drag chain conveyor mounted on the car mainframe. The movement of chain is by hydraulic motor which receives the hydraulic oil from the same powerpack.
Size: 5 - 16 tonnes FFB cage per transfer.
Type: Pit and fully hydraulic operated.

Capacity 20 cages / hr
Long Travel Speed Fast speed @ 20 m/min, Medium speed @ 12.5 m/min, Creep speed @ 0.5 m/min
Cage In/Out Speed 15 m/min
Hydraulic System Consist of hydraulic pump, oil tank, hydraulic motor, tubing, level control, relief valve, pressure gauges, pump strainer, check valve & etc.
Electric Motor 5.5 kW / 4 pole TEFC Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

*Remarks: We also fabricate Transfer Carriage with capability to handle 5 to 16 tonnes cages.

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